Sir Lewis Namier

The first results of the project were a set of volumes covering the House of Commons in the years 1754-90.It was edited by Sir Lewis Namier, the distinguished Professor of History at the University of Manchester who had been a friend of Wedgwood and had served on the original pre-war Committee. The project came to be closely associated with Namier’s approach to the history of politics - the stress on personal connection and its influence on politics - although these also reflected Wedgwood’s original concerns.

The 1754-90 volumes set the pattern for later ones: the core of the books contained biographies of all members of the House of Commons in the period concerned; these were accompanied by an account of the elections in and the politics of each constituency and an introductory survey analysing the information provided about members and constituencies, and discussing the Commons as an institution.For more information on the History of Parliament, and on Namier, click here