Dr Charles Littleton

Current Research

Senior Research Fellow Lords 1660-1832

History of Parliament Research

For the History of Parliament I have written over 160 biographies of members of the House of Lords 1660-1715. Among my biographical subjects are the: earls of Ailesbury; earls of Bridgwater; earls of Burlington; earls of Chesterfield; dukes of Devonshire; marquesses of Halifax; Barons Holles; earls of Huntingdon; duke of Kingston; earls of Macclesfield; earls of Pembroke; earl of Portland; earl of Strafford; earls of Stamford; earl of Torrington.

Research and Publications

My publications include:

- 'Three (more) division lists from the Ailesbury Manuscripts: on the 'Church in Danger' (1705), the Septennial Act and forfeited estates of Jacobites (1716), in Institutional Practice and Memory: Parliamentary People, Records and Histories (2013)

- 'The Evolution of Parliament'; 'The Civil War'; 'The Glorious