Published in The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 1715-1754, ed. R. Sedgwick, 1970
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This section of the Survey provides a list of the abbreviations used in the volumes for this period, in addition to standard and self-explanatory abbreviations, Please note that there are separate lists for the preliminary paragraphs (the family and education and career elements) and for the notes.

In the preliminary paragraphs:

calledcalled to the bar
c.j.chief justice
c.p.common pleas
da.daughter, daughters
e.elder, eldest
E.I.East Indies, East India
Ft.regiment of Foot
[GB]Great Britain, British
g.s.grammar school
gd.-s.,etc. grandson, etc.
h.s.high school
[I]Ireland, Irish
l.c.j.lord chief justice
m. married
M.P.a Member of the House of Commons whose entire term of membership lies outside the period 1715-54
s.son, sons
[S]Scotland, Scottish
S.C.J.Senator of the College of Justice
suc. succeeded


In the footnotes:

Additional MSS, British Museum
AECP Angl.Archives étrangères, correspondence politique, Angleterre, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris
AEM & D Angl.Archives étrangères, mémoires et documents, Angleterre, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris
APC Col. series
Bodl.Bodleian Library, Oxford
LG Burke’s Landed Gentry
Burke PB Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage
BurnetGilbert Burnet, his own Time (1823)
Cal. Treas. Bks. Treasury Books
Cal. Treas. Pprs. Papers
CB Complete Baronetage
ChandlerRichard Chandler, Commons (1742-4)
Chesterfield, Letters Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield (1932)
CJ Journals of the House of Commons
Coxe, Walpole William Coxe, Walpole (1798)
Coxe, Pelham William Coxe, the Administration of the Rt. Hon. Henry Pelham (1829)
CP Complete Peerage
Dom. Calendar of State Papers, Domestic series
DNB Dictionary of National Biography
Dodington Diary The Diary of the late George Bubb Dodington (1784)
DWB Dictionary of Welsh Biography
EHR English Historical Review
Mag. The Gentleman’s Magazine
Harley DiaryEdward Harley’s diary, 1734-41, Cambridge University Library
HatsellJ. Hatsell, Precedents of Proceedings in the House of Commons (1818, unless an earlier ed. is indicated)
Hervey, Mems. King George II (1931)
Hist. Reg. Register
HMC used to introduce the short title of a publication of the Historical Manuscripts Commission
Bull. Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research
Jnl. Journal
Diary The Parliamentary Diary of Sir Edward Knatchbull (Royal Historical Society, Camden 3rd series, vol. xciv)
LJ Journals of the House of Lords
LuttrellNarcissus Luttrell, Affairs
MahonLord Mahon, Utrecht to the Peace of Versailles (1858)
N. & Q. Notes and Queries
Northumb. Northumberland County History Committee, Northumberland (1893-1940)
NLSNational Library of Scotland
NLWNational Library of Wales series style
Parl. Hist. W. Cobbett, Parliamentary History of England from the earliest time to the year 1803
PCCPrerogative Court of Canterbury
State A. Boyer, The Political State of Great Britain
PROPublic Record Office
Ramsay of OchtertyreRamsay of Ochtertyre
RORecord Office
SHR Scottish Historical Review
SROPublic Record Office of Scotland
UCNWUniversity College of North Wales
VCH History
Vis. Visitation
Walpole, Mems. Geo. II
Horace Walpole, Memoirs of the Reign of King George II (1847)
Walpole, Mems. Geo. III Horace Walpole, the Reign of King George III (1894)
WOWar Office
Yorke, Hardwicke Philip C. Yorke, Philip Yorke, Earl of Hardwicke (1913)
Yorke’s parl. jnl.Philip Yorke’s parliamentary journal (Add. 35337), printed in Parl. Hist. xii. 102-1272

Ref Volumes: 1715-1754

Author: Romney R. Sedgwick

End Notes