Appendix II: Reports of debates in the House of Commons, 1715-1754

Published in The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 1715-1754, ed. R. Sedgwick, 1970
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Reports of debates in the House of Commons, 1715-1754

The chief sources of reports of debates during this period are Magazine and The London Magazine. Collections of these reports are contained in Chandler’s History and Proceedings of the House of Commons and Cobbett’s Parliamentary History, the latter based up to 1743 on the rather fuller versions in Chandler. Cobbett also prints Philip Yorke’s parliamentary journal, December 1743 to April 1745 (Add. 35337). Other important sources are Knatchbull’s Parliamentary Diary; the reports by the Historical Manuscripts Commission on the papers of the Duke of Portland and the Earls of Carlisle, Egmont, and Onslow; Edward Harley’s unpublished parliamentary diary, 1734-1741, in Cambridge University Library; Horace Walpole’s Correspondence, and his Memoirs of the reign of George II. Speeches quoted in the biographies in this History are taken from Cobbett or Chandler unless otherwise indicated.

Ref Volumes: 1715-1754

Author: Romney R. Sedgwick

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